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Do I really need Travel Insurance? It may not seem important when you are making your reservation, but life has a way to sneak up and surprise you when you least expect it. Travel Insurance is a fairly inexpensive way to insure your vacation is not a total loss due to a personal injury, family death or weather disaster. Hurricanes are another unpredictable event that can ruin your vacation, especially in the Yucatan and Caribbean. Don't expect the resort owners to insure your vacation, they simply can not protect everyone booked at their resort. The obligation to protect your investment is yours.
We offer you easy access to Travel Insurance, and we highly recommend that every traveler purchase this protection and protect their investment. Generally Traval Insurance company require that you buy their protection within 30 days of paying your reservation deposit. Travel in less than thirty days may not qualify for coverage, you would need to speak with a sales person for last minute trips.
Travel Safe now offers "For Any Reason" protection for a slightly increased policy premium. This protection was developed for important business people that might have to cancel a vacation for business purposes. Happens all the time. But for the rest of us, "For Any Reason" offers you the added protection of being able to cancel a scheduled vacation if a member of your family is sick, you just don't feel up to going, worried about the weather being not so pleasant, or for basically ...any reason. There are special restrictions, so pleas read the insurance offerings well.
NOTE: When getting quotes do not forget to divide your total trip to 50% for you and 50% for her. Otherwise you are paying double the amount you should for the protection you need.
With that said... we highly suggest you purchase Travel Insurance NOW while you are thinking about it. Don't wait until there is a situation and you are kicking yourself for not buying proper coverage. Sure you can save some bucks and not buy the coverage, but you are taking a change with a significant investment.


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Disclaimer -- Right Connections Travel, Lifestyles Travel®, Lifestyles Cruise®, Swinger Cruise all are not licensed insurance agents. We are by no means offering you insurance for sale. The resort properties we represent also do not offer Travel Insurance with the exception of SuperClubs. Right Connections is merely strongly recommending you protect your investments from unavoidable circumstances. Nothing in the text above should be considered an insurance offering, and we do not quote prices for insurance. TravelSafe has qualified insurance agents to answer all of your questions and concerns.

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